Poco M5 ghost touch issues? Try these efficient ways!

In this guide, we will delve into the ghost touch issues on your Poco M5 and offer efficient and detailed ways to fix such issues. If your phone screen responds to touches that you do not intend, this problem is called ghost touch and leads to frustrating situations.

Efficient ways to resolve Ghost Touch issues on your Poco M5

1. Screen Protector or Case Interference:

Screen protectors or cases can also interfere with the responsiveness of the touch screen if they are installed incorrectly or are of poor quality. Remove the screen protector or case briefly to determine if they are causing phantom contact issues. If your touchscreen works without the screen protector or case, don’t forget to replace it with superior alternatives designed for your specific phone.

2. Software optimization:

Software updates play an important role in optimizing overall performance and addressing bugs or functionality issues. Make sure your phone is running on the updated version of MIUI and Android to benefit from the normal performance improvements and fixes that would help resolve phantom contact issues.

3. System reboot:

A reboot may occasionally resolve brief software system crashes or conflicts that cause ghost touch issues. After the device reboots, test the touchscreen to determine if the ghost touch issues persist.

4. Touch screen calibration:

Navigate to settings, find the Touch Calibration option, follow the on-screen commands to finish the calibration method, and check the touch screen to see if it resolves ghost touches.

5. Safe Mode:

Some poorly optimized or malfunctioning apps may not appear in the battery usage data. Booting into safe mode can help you find out and fix problems caused by applications. If the ghost touch issue is resolved, it may be a third-party app configured on the smartphone that is causing the issue.

6. Overheating

Direct exposure to daytime or excessive temperatures can cause these types of problems. Keep the phone in a cool place and try to avoid using it in humid weather to prevent it from overheating.

7. Factory Reset:

If problems persist even after trying the above methods, a factory reset can also help fix underlying software issues. Please backup your data first as this step will delete all your records. After the reset, selectively reinstall applications and registries to identify any culprit capabilities causing the ghost touch issues.

8. Hardware inspection:

Sometimes, hardware defects or damage can be the underlying reason for phantom contact problems. Inspect the touch screen for physical damage, including cracks or scratches, which may also interfere with the operation of the touch screen.

9. Contact Customer Support:

If the phantom contact issue persists even after trying the above solutions, it is also due to a hardware issue. Please contact Poco customer service for expert assistance as they may be able to provide you with troubleshooting steps and guidance to resolve the issue.


With the efficient and detailed ways mentioned in this guide, you can easily resolve Ghost Touch issues on your Poco M5 and have a reliable phone. If the problems persist despite applying the above ways, then seek help from professionals to fix this problem.

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