Poco X6 Pro 5G overheating? An efficient guide!

In this manual, we will offer you troubleshooting tips to fix overheating issues on your Poco X6 Pro 5G so that you can have an optimized device.

Troubleshooting tips to resolve overheating issues on your Poco X6 Pro 5G

1. Disable unused features:

Certain features, such as GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, can contribute to overheating if left activated unnecessarily. Disable those functions while not in use, especially in excessive temperature environments. Also, disable features like live wallpapers or excessive performance modes that would strain the phone.

2. Look for resource-intensive apps:

Resource-intensive applications can overload the phone’s processor and cause the mobile phone to overheat. Monitor all the apps on your Poco phone and find out those that continually require excessive resources. Consider limiting or uninstalling these apps, particularly if they are not needed and have not been used for an extended period.

3. Close background apps:

Apps running in the background can cause prolonged processor usage and overheating. Close unused apps by accessing the current app menu and swiping them.

4. Limit background processes:

Navigate to settings and look for options to restrict and limit background processes. Restricting background strategies can reduce the workload on the processor and help reduce temperatures.

5. Remove the phone case:

Phone cases, specifically made from heat-absorbing materials, can contribute to overheating. Remove the case and observe if the temperature of the smartphone decreases. If the problem is solved without the case, try using air-dissipating cases.

6. Adjust display settings:

High brightness levels and long screen viewing durations can contribute to overheating. Adjust settings to decrease screen brightness and shorten screen timeout.

7. Limit gaming sessions:

Intensive gaming intervals can push the processor to its limits and cause overheating. Consider limiting the use of games or the use of game modes, as it will optimize the usual overall performance and decrease the strain on the processor.

8. Update system software:

Software device failures or errors in the system or applications can cause such problems. Additionally, these issues can be caused by incomplete updates, compatibility issues, or corrupted documents. Make sure your Poco device is running the updated version of the software system. Developers release updates frequently to address general performance issues. Check and configure updates periodically to keep your phone optimized.

9. Reset app preferences:

Resetting app options can help resolve issues associated with misconfigured settings that contribute to overheating. Navigate to settings, visit “Applications” and click on the option to reset app alternatives.

10. Perform a factory reset:

If overheating issues persist, a factory reset of your Poco phone may be crucial. Before proceeding, make sure to backup your vital data as this step will erase all data on your device. This step will fix any system defects of the software program by resolving touch screen issues.

11. Contact Customer Support:

If none of the above solutions resolve the overheating issue, it is recommended to contact Poco customer service. They can provide you solutions based entirely on your phone model and can also offer you additional troubleshooting steps or you can go to an authorized service center if it is important.


With the tips indicated in this manual, you can solve the overheating problems of your Poco X6 Pro 5G and have an optimized mobile phone.

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