Samsung Galaxy S24 ghost touch problems? Effective solutions!

Here is a complete manual to fix and address ghost touch issues on Samsung Galaxy S24, we can offer you methods to resolve your issues to be a reliable and responsive device.

Ways to fix Ghost Touch issues for your Samsung Galaxy S24

1. Reboot the device:

A reset can usually fix software device defects that can cause ghost touch issues. Press and hold the power button on the Samsung device until the shutdown menu appears, then choose “Restart” or “Restart” to trigger it. This step will update the phone and remove any minor defects from the machine.

2. Remove the screen protector or case:

Using low-quality screen protectors or cases can also affect the functionality of the touch screen. Remove the screen protector and/or case to check if the problem persists.

3. Clear the screen:

Dirt, dust, or moisture on the screen can also cause ghost touch activities. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently smooth the phone screen, removing any dust, smudges or debris that may affect the overall performance of the touch screen.

4. Software update:

Software updates released by Samsung regularly include general performance improvements and virus fixes that can fix ghost touch issues. You should check and install software updates to ensure your device is running the updated version.

5. Calibrate the touch screen:

Samsung devices allow you, as users, to calibrate the touch screen to increase the accuracy and responsiveness of your mobile phone. Check the settings for a touch screen calibration option and follow the on-screen instructions to start the step.

6. Update applications:

Make sure all apps set up on your smartphone are up to date. Manufacturers periodically release updates to fix compatibility issues, improve app performance, and fix issues.

7. Boot into Safe Mode:

Third-party apps installed on the device can also contribute to ghost touch issues if they are not well optimized. You should compare the list of settings apps and uninstall any apps that are not actively used.

8. Excessive temperature:

Overheating is a common problem that causes phantom contact problems. Please try to remove the smartphone case and charge in a cool environment to get higher and faster charging speed.

9. Factory Reset:

If ghost touch issues persist despite trying specific solutions, a factory reset on the phone can also help resolve the underlying software issues. Before performing this step, you must backup crucial data and settings as this will erase all information on the device.

10. Hardware inspection:

Sometimes phantom contact problems can be caused by faulty hardware additives. If your phone is below the warranty period, you should contact Samsung customer service or go to an authorized service center to have it professionally identified and take further steps to fix such issues.


By following the troubleshooting steps, you will be able to regularly diagnose and fix phantom contact issues on the Samsung Galaxy S24. If the issue persists, it is essential to seek help from Samsung customer service or an authorized technician to resolve any underlying hardware issue.

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