Xiaomi 14 Ultra design upgrade and camera specs highlighted in latest leak

Xiaomi 14 Ultra design upgrade and camera specifications

In a recent report from Digital Chat Station, a renowned source of smartphone leaks and news, exciting details about the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Ultra have surfaced. The leak claims to have witnessed the actual device, shedding light on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s design and camera configurations.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is said to have a cutting-edge design, with a 2K micro-curved display of equal depth. The device’s frame is constructed with a right-angled metal center frame, providing both durability and sophisticated aesthetics.

A notable change in the design is the large round deco centered on the back, improving the overall appearance of the device. The lens layout and flash layout are very similar to the previous generation, but with simplified bulge removal, resulting in a more convex appearance.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra design upgrade and camera specifications
Xiaomi 13’s ultra-simplified camera bulge

Additionally, the camera lens sports a dual-layer deco design, with the outer ring of the lens module adorned with a circle of decorative Parisian studs, adding a touch of elegance to the device.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra takes a dual-material approach, offering vegan leather and glass variants. This combination not only meets aesthetic preferences but also ensures a premium feel to users.

Audio enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of dual stereo speakers, strategically placed on the left and right at the top and bottom of the device. This promises an immersive audio experience, increasing media consumption and gaming on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

Digital Chat Station has once again highlighted the Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s impressive camera setup. The device is expected to feature a 50-megapixel 1-inch primary camera, offering exceptional image quality. In addition, a 3.2x 50-megapixel vertical telephoto lens and a 5x 50-megapixel periscope telephoto lens are included, expanding the camera’s photographic capabilities. Additionally, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens rounds out the quartet, ensuring versatility in capturing a wide range of scenes.

Leading Imaging Periscope Solutions 2024

  • OPPO Find X7 Ultra: 50MP 3X periscope + 50MP 6X periscope
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra: 50MP 3.2X vertical telephoto lens + 50MP 5X periscope
  • Honor Magic6 Pro/RSR: 180MP 2.5X± periscope (specs upgraded from 160MP)
  • Vivo X100 Pro Plus: 200MP 4X± periscope

The leaked information offers a tantalizing glimpse into the design and camera innovations of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. With its eye-catching design elements, premium material choices, and powerful camera array, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is poised to make a significant impact in the competitive smartphone market. As enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling, these leaks only increase the anticipation for what could be a game-changing addition to Xiaomi’s flagship lineup.

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