Xiaomi Civi 3 touch screen not responding? An efficient guide!

This comprehensive manual offers you efficient ways to resolve unresponsive touch screen issues on your Xiaomi Civi 3 so that you can have an optimized and responsive touch screen.

Efficient Ways to Solve Xiaomi Civi 3 Unresponsive Touch Screen Issues

1. Clean the screen:

The main cause of an unresponsive touch screen is a layer of dust, oil, or smudges on the screen. You need to make sure the screen is clean. Using a microfiber cloth or screen cleaning gel, lightly wipe the screen to remove any particles that are likely causing the screen to become unresponsive.

2. Screen protector problems:

While screen protectors are designed to protect the screen, they can interfere with touch sensitivity. You should check if the screen protector is damaged or misaligned. If the protector is causing a problem, change it with a suitable one to fix this touch screen problem. Alternatively, removing the protector to test touch responsiveness can also help identify whether or not it is causing the problem.

3. External Factors:

Environmental factors, along with excessive temperatures or humidity, will affect the typical performance of the touch screen. You should check your surroundings and avoid exposing your phone to environments that may adversely affect the touch screen. Operating the mobile phone at a suitable temperature and humidity can contribute to greater tactile responsiveness and solve this problem.

4. Remove water or humidity:

If your smartphone receives moisture or falls into water, your phone’s screen may also become unresponsive. It is necessary to dry the smartphone in this situation, which could solve the problem. If your phone falls into water, take it out immediately. You will need to remove all detachable parts from the mobile phone. Keep your smartphone points in a sealed rice packet. The step dries the device components. Then, put them back and turn on the device to see if the problem is resolved.

5. Remove the SIM card:

Occasionally, a hardware failure can also cause the screen to become unresponsive, including SIM and SD cards, removing them from the device and putting them back in later. See if the screen responds after removing both cards.

6. Perform a Force Restart:

If your smartphone is not responding after charging, perform a force restart. This step can help with minor device crashes or freezes. A force restart is usually initiated by pressing the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds until the phone reboots.

7. Hardware inspection:

If the touch screen issues persist even after following these steps, there may be an underlying hardware issue affecting the Xiaomi device. You should contact Xiaomi Service Center for help or visit an authorized service center for expert evaluation. Hardware problems, including a faulty digitizer or touch screen, may also require expert evaluation and restoration.


By systematically addressing these causes by applying these efficient ways, you can resolve the unresponsive touch screen issues on your Xiaomi Civi 3 and present a more reliable and responsive touch screen.

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